Journalism and News Production

Print and Web News Production

sojo logo

Sojourners Magazine:

God’s Politics Blog: As online assistant, I managed and posted blog content, monitored Google Analytics for trends, and helped administer a Drupal CMS website. As managing editor, I led a student staff of 10, assigned stories, and edited community news. I also managed the website’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

the Record Capture

The Record: Aside from writing, I worked as a Features editor, assigning and coordinating articles for a 12-page weekly.

Franconia Logo

Franconia Conference Communications: As a communication intern I posted website content, wrote press releases and articles, and developed blog tagging strategy. I also covered a two-week conference trip to Mexico through social media and photography.


Video News Production

The Correspondent: I served as the news director and producer where I managed and assigned stories for a bi-weekly TV news magazine. I coordinated 20 reporters and videographers and supervised the production of multi-camera shows. As news director, my station won Television School of the Year in the 2012 and 2013 Indiana Association of School Broadcasters competition, which included 1st place for television newscast and 3rd place for video magazine in 2012 as well as 2nd place for video magazine in 2013.

This full episode won 1st place television newscast for its coverage of the murder of a professor, a mayoral race, and the 2011 Goshen College homecoming. Its award led to the station being named 2012 Television School of the Year.

I filmed and edited this news package in memory of Goshen College professor Jim Miller, who was murdered in October of 2011.

Sports ReLeaf: I co-founded this bi-weekly television sports show where I the developed show concept and served as the founding producer. In this role, I coordinated in-studio interviews, recorded sports highlights, and managed the schedules of five employees. One of these shows won 2nd place for television non-news program in the 2012 Indiana Association of School Broadcasters competition.

This Week In Review: As the founding producer of this weekly television news aggregate, I maintained our partnership with the local newspaper, wrote news copy, and oversaw an editor and three anchors.


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